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Featuring gardening insights, expert advice, and informative interviews, The Hoe Knows Garden Podcast offers short, information-packed episodes from Lis Friemoth, The Garden Hoe. You’ll find practical solutions to gardening problems and the latest scientific research in horticulture.

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Places To Go

06 DecPlaces To Go [Podcast]

In the Northern Hemisphere, less active plant seasons have arrived. Now you can take time to do less work and enjoy…

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16 NovAsclepias [Podcast]

Milkweed, Butterfly Weed, and Silkweed are all common names referring to Asclepias.

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03 NovQuince [Podcast]

Cydonia oblonga, or fruiting Quince, are a member of the Rosaceae (Rose) family, which includes roses, apples, and pears amongst other…

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Juglone Toxicity

08 OctJuglone Toxicity [Podcast]

Juglans trees are large, majestic, and beautifully shaped. They are tolerant to soil type, pH, and growing conditions.

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Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs

04 OctFall Bulb Planting [Podcast]

 Once the favorites are chosen, ordered and on their way, take the time to make sure planting areas are in…

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27 AugHardy Hibiscus [Podcast]

Hibiscus flowers often bring the tropics to mind. Surprise! Hardy Hibiscus, or Hibiscus moscheutos, a member of the Malvaceae family, are…

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11 AugPotatoes [Podcast]

Although treated as annuals for production purposes, potatoes are an herbaceous perennial plant originating in the Andes Mountains.

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02 AugKale [Podcast]

Kale, or Brassica oleracea, is a plant of extremes. Whether you love or dislike the taste, there is no denying that…

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Marigolds in the Garden

02 JulMarigolds [Podcast]

Marigold, as a common name for a gold flower, is found representing different flowers in different countries and for different cultures.

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Plant Drought

18 JunPlant Drought [Podcast]

It is reasonable to imagine that at some point in any growing season there may be droughty conditions.

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