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The Garden Hoe nurtures both the health and beauty of your plants and gardens. As a horticultural diagnostician and garden designer, Lis Friemoth, aka The Garden Hoe, applies the perfect blend of science and art to your landscape.

Whether the project involves starting from scratch or reviving and enhancing an existing landscape, your gardens will be in the right hands.


Concierge Gardening Services

The Garden Hoe offers concierge gardening services to fulfill your estate’s garden development and ongoing landscape management needs. In selecting plants suitable to individual site conditions, design constraints, lifestyles, and interest levels, The Garden Hoe provides a balanced path to healthy and enjoyable outdoor spaces.

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Horticultural Diagnostics

The Garden Hoe is a horticulturist trained in diagnosing plant diseases and pests, and implementing the best methods for controlling and preventing problems. Comprehensive on-site evaluations and diagnostics, high quality lab analysis, and sustainable care and treatment plans are available to revive the sagging health of any landscape.

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Educational Seminars

Is your trade show or community group looking for a professional gardener to speak at your next event? The Garden Hoe offers educational seminars on plant care practices, horticultural training, plant materials, and more.

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Take your gardens from neglected to flourishing with complete plant health services and fine garden design and development. Do you wish for a landscape that is designed to thrive in its environment, customized to your style and interest level? Do you need an expert to keep your gardens flourishing through seasonal maintenance? Reach out today to begin a rewarding partnership with The Garden Hoe.

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