Ranunculus yellow at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad

About Lis Friemoth, The Garden Hoe

Known as The Garden Hoe, Lis Friemoth is a horticultural diagnostician, designer of fine gardens, and an inventive weeder of the unwanted. Dedicated to plant care and beautifying landscapes, she has been passionate about plants all her life, rolling in the dirt since she was six months old. She fondly recalls her formative years spent in the home garden planting, growing, and maintaining all manner of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

A love of science and healthy plants led Lis on a path to expand her knowledge. Earning both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin system, she took that quest from research to the field, serving in many capacities in horticulture disciplines.

In 2003, Lis took that enduring love of healthy plants and science, the pleasant challenge of analysis, and the risk of small business, and put them all together to create and launch her own endeavor – The Garden Hoe.

You can learn more about the services offered by The Garden Hoe, and contact Lis Friemoth today to begin your journey to healthy, sustainable, beautiful gardens.

About Lis Friemoth, The Garden Hoe
Lis Friemoth, The Garden Hoe, channeling her inner rose!