Sure, many are thinking about gifts this time of the year. Why not look at spreading that joy and happiness throughout the year? Favorite goodies are welcome any time. But just in case you need some ideas this month, I offer a few suggestions.

Gloves and tools are a necessity every day, all year. Some of the best for dirt diggers are…

If you know someone who has flourished with pandemic gardening, check out cookbooks specializing in making vegetables delicious to every taste. Local or online book sellers make this a thoughtful and easy gift. Pair any cookbook with a new kitchen or gardening tool, a beautiful collection trug or basket and your gardener will be delighted. Check out two favorites: Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden, and The Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen.

Seeds are a must. Go to those often rated as the best (listed here in alphabetical order) for reliable products and service:

Stumped on what to buy? Don’t be afraid to go with gift certificates. Do you really want that huge pile of compost or mulch delivered in the middle of winter? If unsure, those local or online gift certificates will do the talking and your happy gardener can decide what and where. What gardener isn’t happy with control?

If in doubt about how to gift your favorite gardener, remember they spend a lot of time doing a lot of intense physical labor. Whether it’s a lovely night out, a quiet night in, or a relaxing spa day, encouraging time for rejuvenation and relaxation is always appreciated, any time of the year.