Lis Friemoth, best known as “The Garden Hoe,” has been passionate about and gaining knowledge of plants since childhood.

According to Lis, she’s been “rolling in the dirt since she was six months old.” She fondly recalls her formative years spent in the home garden planting, growing, and maintaining lots of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Her interest in the business side of life originally led Lis to the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, where the chaos of science lured her away, with the results a Bachelor’s of Science degree. Following a stint in corporate research, she pursued and achieved a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning temporarily placing her in non-horticultural professions.

But Lis’ love of healthy plants, her science background, and the alluring smell of wet dirt led her on a plant disease quest to expand her knowledge, understanding, and expertise. That successful quest resulted in a desire to work in the discipline she knows and loves, took her out from behind a desk in corporate research and put her behind a shovel, literally.  Ten years ago, she applied that burgeoning knowledge and expertise into the community service field as a county horticulturist. Lis then took that enduring love of healthy plants, the lure of science, the pleasant challenges of analysis, and the risk of business, and put them all together to create and launch her own endeavor - The Garden Hoe.